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At Roadmaster Group, we don’t believe in average. Roadmaster Group has gained its leading-edge reputation by employing gifted innovators and visionaries at every level. These leaders boast more than 50 years of combined industry experience working for some of the largest for-hire carriers in the nation, plus extensive experience in competitive industries outside of trucking. In addition, people in Roadmaster subsidiary companies – working on the ground and on the highways – have experience spanning 20, 30, and even 40 years. Together, we’re redefining the dynamics of the transportation industry. See the Driving Force Behind Roadmaster Group »

Roadmaster Group is redefining the dynamics of the transportation industry… we simply don’t believe in average.

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Roadmaster Group subsidiaries are the elite carriers of choice for a variety of organizations in industry segments ranging from government to technology. All require safe, secure, specialized transport for high-value cargo.


Hazardous Materials Transport

Sensitive cargo | Hazardous material | Specialized hauls


Highly Sensitive Commodities

Secure transportation | High value commercial | On-time delivery

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Roadmaster Group companies operate more than 700 trucks and 2,500 trailers throughout the greater United States and Canada.


Roadmaster Group’s diversified subsidiary companies comprise an elite fleet of carriers and drivers equipped with the highest levels of credentials and skills, as well as third-party logistics expertise to ensure transparency and operational excellence at every phase of the supply chain. We turn exciting new ideas into reality, one company, one Driver at a time.

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Driving Excellence is our motto. Our record speaks for itself.

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