Our Why

Solving complex transportation needs of our military and commercial partners.


Our how

RMG is driven to be the premier North American transportation provider for High Security, Specialized, and Hazardous freight. Our empowered employees foster exceptional service by prioritizing Safety, Security, and Solutions for our customers.



Who We Are

  • We believe we can only drive excellence by working as a team. TEAMWORK allows us to make better and faster decisions as we partner with each other and our customers to solve transportation needs.
  • Our company’s growth is rooted in the idea of “The Right Way.”  Compassionate INTEGRITY in our actions as employees, leaders, business partners, and, as people, ensure we always try to do the right thing.
  • We believe in earning TRUST – high trust holds us together and allows us to openly communicate and cooperate.
  • We strive to lead with curiosity in all our dealings with each other and our customers. In doing so, our main goal is to show RESPECT – for ourselves, our colleagues, and our partners.
  • We contribute to creating an organizational culture that encourages each other to question, learn, hold each other accountable, and solicit input. Only then can INNOVATION happen for our customers and our industry. 
  • We work towards cultivating a culture built on PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY wherein we value one another’s contributions, care about one another’s well-being, and encourage challenges of the status quo.
  • SERVICE is our offering. Through our work, we serve our country, families, and partners.