Don Welchoff


Don Welchoff has more than 25 years of experience in executive, operations, and commercial leadership, and is currently Executive Vice President (EVP) overseeing Sales and Logistics for the Roadmaster Group. Don has been with the company for over 16 years and is a seasoned transportation industry professional.

In 2016, Don played a key role as part of the Executive Team that successfully acquired and integrated one of the largest arms, ammunition, and explosives motor carrier into Roadmaster Group’s operations. Don has led the company through an impressive growth by expanding and diversifying its customer base and increasing its geographic presence in the United States, Mexico and Canada. With Don at the helm, the company’s freight now includes hazardous waste, commercial explosives, radioactive waste, and other time-sensitive freight. In addition, Don also oversees the freight brokerage division of Roadmaster Group. That group has also enjoyed growth and expanded into new business relationships over the past few years.

Prior to working for Roadmaster Group, Don was Director of Western Operations for Knight Transportation. Don has led teams in transportation programs, logistics and brokering programs, transportations management, recruitment and management of related technical personnel, and procurement of materials and equipment. Don also has experience managing start-up companies and acquisitions. Don is a graduate of Ithaca College where he played varsity football.